Lightning in the Twilight Hour : Everyone Talks About the Weather (Slow Changes EP, Elefant Records, 2015)

The Aparments : 21 (No Song, No Spell, No Madrigal, Microcultures, 2015)

Sufjan Stevens : All of Me Wants All of You (Carry and Lowell, Ashmatic Kitty, 2015)

Silvain Vanot : Aurore (Il Fait Soleil, 2002)

Be Forest : Wild Brain (Cold, We Were Never Being Boring, 2011)

Venera 4 : Red Blooms (Deaf Arts, Requiem Pour un Twister, 2015)

A Singer Must Die : The Sordid Tango (Venus Parade & More Songs Beyond Love, Modulor, 2014)

Jacco Gardner : Find Yourself (Hypnophobia, Full Time Hobby, 2015)

Erlend Oye : Bad Guy Now (Legao, Bubbles Records, 2014)

Kings of Convenience : Winning a Battle, Losing the War (Quiet is The New Loud, Source Records, 2001)

Tobias Jesso Jr : How Could You Babe (Goon, True Panther Session, 2015)

Harry Nilsson : Without You (Without You / Gotta Get Up, RCA, 1972)

Montage : Desiree (Montage, Laurie Records, 1969)

Benoit Pioulard (Upon the Break Arch (Sonnet, Kranky, 2015)

L'Objet : Volcans (Toucan, Structure Records, 2015)