Django Django : Reflections (Born Under Saturn, Because Music, 2015)

House of Wolves : Beautiful Things (Daughter of the Sea, Fargo, 2015)

Dath and Vanilla : Time Travel (To Where the Wild Things Are, Fire Records, 2015)

Qu4tre : Confessions d'un Homme Moderne (Un jur J'irai en Norvège, , 1195)

Country Club : Seel Out (Country Club, Autoproduit, 2013)

Bill Fay : Underneath the Sun (Who is the Sender ?, Dead OCeans, 2015)

Snails : She'd Like an Hour (Our First EP, Great Pop Supplement, 2014)

Chris Garneau : Baby's Romance (Music for Tourists, Absolutely Kosher, 2007)

Ela Orleans : Dark Floor (Upper Hell, HB Recordings, 2015)

Ghost Culture : Mouth (Ghost Culture, Phantasy Records, 2015)

Bradford : Adrift Again (Shouting Quietly, The New Fondation, 1990)

Morrissey : Skin Storm (Pregnant for the Last Time EP, EMi, 1991)

Thee oh Sees : Web (Mutilator Defeated at Last, 2015)

Slowdive : Morningrise (Blue Day EP, Réédition Sony Music, 2015)

Jack : 3 o' Clock in the Morning (The Jazz Age, Too Pure, 1998)