04 décembre 2016

Playlist de l'émission "Spirit in the Night" du dimanche 4 décembre 2016

  The Feelies : Been Replaced (In Between, Bar None Records, 2017) Gareth Dickson : Red Road (Orwell Court, Discolexique, 2016) Eric Matthews : Exactly Like Them (Exactly Like Them EP, Lo Fidelity Records, 2016) Eric Matthews : Angels for Crime (It's Heavy in Here, Sub Pop, 1995) Rose Elinor Dougall : Stellular (Stellular, Rough Trade, 2017) The Pipettes : Your Kisses Are Wasted on Me (We Are the Pipettes, Memphis Industries, 2006) Photon : Discobolus (Photon, Beko, 2016) The Magnetic Fields : 74 No (50 song Memoir,... [Lire la suite]