Evan Dando : Repeat (Baby I'm Bored, réédition Fire Records, 2017)

Woods : Bleeding Blue (Love is Love, Woodsist, 2017)

Barbara Carlotti : Mon Dieu Mon Amour (L'Amour, L'Argent, le Vent, Atmosphériques, 2012)

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Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble : Double Voice Extra Voice (Find Me Finding You, Drag City, 2017)

Stereolab : Ping Pong (Mars Audiac Quintet, Duophonic, 1994)

War on Drugs : Thinking of a Place

The Smiths : The Boy with Thorn in His Side (Démo Mix) (Disquaire Day édition, Warner, 2017)

John Cunningham : Diamonds (démo) (Bonus de l'album "Fell", Microcultures, 2017)

Soon She Said : Always in Between (The First Casualty of Love Is Innocence, Monopsone, 2017)

The Proper Ornaments : Waiting for the Summer (Waiting for the Summer, Tough Love Records, 2017)

Peter Perrett : How the West Was Won (How the West Was Won, Domino Recordings, 20 juin 2017)

The Only Ones : Flaming Torch (From Here to Eternity, 1979)

TOPS : Petals (Sugar at Gate, Arbutus Records, 2017)

Guik : Hurricane to Come (Live)

Jeremy Jay : Demons (Demons, El Seuguel Del Primavera, 2017)

Pastels & Tenniscoats : Song for a Friend (Two Sunsets, Domino, 2009)