Ulrika Spacek : Full of Men (Modern English Decoration, Tough Love Records, 2017)

Flotation Toy Warning : King of Floxgloves (The Machine that Made Us, Talitres, 16 juin 2017)

Beach Fossils : Tangerine (Somersault, Bayonet Records, 2017)

The Bats : No Trace (The Deep Set, Flying Nun, 2017)

Six Organs of Admittance : Adore My Imagination (Burning the Threshold, Drag City, 2017)

Aldous Harding : Imagining My Man (Party, 4AD/Flying Nun, 2017)

Television Personalities : Picture of Dorian Gray (And Don't the Kids Just Love It, Réédition Fire Records, 2017)

BMX Bandits : It's Time (Forever Son, Elefant Records,2017)

BMX Bandits : Love Come to Me (Gettin' Dirty, Creation, 1995)

Birds of Dawn : I Wish I Was (The Future is Bright, Autoproduit, 2017)

Fruit Bats : Humbug Mountain Song (Absolute Loser, Easy Sound Recording, 2016)

Half Moon Run : 

Hoops : On Top (Routines, Fat Possum, 2017)

Elastica : Nothing Stays the Same (The Menace, Deceptive Records, 2000)

Cigarettes After Sex : Apocalypse (Cigarettes After Sex, Partisan Records, 2017)

Shack : London Town (Waterpistol, Marina Records, 1995)