Barbara Carlotti : Radio Mentale Sentimentale ; Tout ce que Tu Touches (Magnétique, Elektra / La Maison des Rêves, 2018)

The Coral : Sweet Release (Move Through the Dawn, Ignition Records,  2018)

Dropkick : It's Still Raining (Longwave, Sound Asleep, 2018)

Diving With Andy : The Girl I Would Be (Is This Me ?, EmArcy, 2013)

Mazzy Star : Quiet, The Winter Harbor (Still EP, Rhymes of an Hour, 1st June 2018)

Thousand : La vie de mes soeurs (Le Tunnel Végétal, Talitres, 2018)

Findlay Brown : When the Lights Go Out (Not Everything Beautiful Is Good, Nettwerk , 2018)

Fred Neil : The Dolphins ; Everybody's Talkin' (Fred Neil, Capitol, 1966)

Laura Nyro : Brown Earth ; Been on a Train (Christmas & The Beads of Sweat, Columbia, 1970)

War : That's What Love Will Do ; Slippin' Into Darkness (All Day Music, United Artists, 1971)

The Jayhawks : Sioux City (Blue Earth, Twin/Tone, 1989)

Wampas : Le Costume Violet (Les Wampas vous aiment, Eurobond, 1990)

Thelonious Monk : Green Chimneys (Underground, Columbia Records, 1968)

Guttercats : Trip Down Memory Lane (Follow Your Instinct, Pop the Balloon, 2018)

The Replacements : Alex Chilton (Please to Meet Me, Sire Records, 1987)