The Feelies : Been Replaced (In Between, Bar None Records, 2017)

Gareth Dickson : Red Road (Orwell Court, Discolexique, 2016)

Eric Matthews : Exactly Like Them (Exactly Like Them EP, Lo Fidelity Records, 2016)

Eric Matthews : Angels for Crime (It's Heavy in Here, Sub Pop, 1995)

Rose Elinor Dougall : Stellular (Stellular, Rough Trade, 2017)

The Pipettes : Your Kisses Are Wasted on Me (We Are the Pipettes, Memphis Industries, 2006)

Photon : Discobolus (Photon, Beko, 2016)

The Magnetic Fields : 74 No (50 song Memoir, Nonesush Records, 2017)

The 6ths : All Dressed Up in Dreams (Wasps'Nests, London Records, 1995)

The Magnetic Fields : Old Fools (Distortion, Nonesuch Records, 2004)

The Proper Ornaments : Don't You Want to Know What You'r Going to Be (Wooden Hand, Slumberland Records, 2014)

Veronica Falls : Teenage (Waiting for Something to Happen, Bella Union, 2013)

Ultimate Painting : Song for Brian Jones (Dusk, Troubled in Mind, 2016)

Vincent Bricks : Stockolm ( Stockholm 10'', autoproduit, sortie prévue en 2017)

Allo Darlin' : We Come from the Same Place (We Come from the Same Place,  Slumberland Records, 2014)

A Singer Must Die : A Sweet Place to Park (rfom the forthcoming new album of A Singer Must Die)