L'émission est en écoute ici : https://www.mixcloud.com/fredericantona5/emission-spirit-in-the-night-du-24-mai-2015/ 

Hot Chip : So Much Further to Go (Why Make Sense ?, Domino, 2015)

Summer Camp : Catch Me (Bad Love, Moshi Moshi, 2015)

Valet : Nature (Nature, Kranky, 2015)

Bang Bang : Superstitious Guy (Bang Bang EP, 2015)

Ollano : Antipodes (Ollano, Rosebud, 1996)

Chelsea : Downstairs (Réservé aux clients de l'établissement, Rosebud, 1991)

The Little Rabbits : Help (Dans les Faux Puits Rouges et Gris, Single KO, 1991)

Jad Fair & Norman Blake : Two Hearts Together (Yes, Joyful Noise Recordings, 2015)

Lawrence Arabia : Apple Pie Bed (Chant Darling, Bella Union, 2009)

Ride : Like a Daydream (Play EP, Creation, 1990)

Waxahatchee : Poison (Ivy Tripp, Merge Records, 2015)

Tops : Outside (Picture You Staring, Arbutus Records, 2014)

Eels : Lockdown Hurricane (Ells perform the Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett, Eworks, 2014)

Strawberry Switchblade : Let Her Go (Strawberry Switchblade, Korova Recording, 1985)

Puro Instinct : Silky Eyes (Headbangers in Ecstasy, Record Makers, 2011)

Tom Mc Rae : The Boy with the Bubblegun (Tom McRae, Arista, 2000)

House of Wolves : Take me to the Others (Daughter of the Sea, Autoproduit, 2015)